Missing Justification Options?

Hi, we need to apply justification to every lines on a paragraph (including the last one).
You see we are used to have those options in Illustrator:

  • Justify with the last line to the left
  • Justify with the last line centred
  • Justify with the last line to the right
  • Justify with the last line justified as well
    But Figma only seems to support - Justify with the last line to the left.

Did we miss something or it’s a known limitation in Figma ?
Is there a work around that exists ?

Thanks !

Here is a screencap of the option available in illustrator we’re trying to replicate in Figma.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 10.30.22 AM

You can find all existing alignment types in the Type settings panel.

Thanks for your replie. You see I went through these explanations before and it seems that what I’m explaining above is not available by default in Figma. But my question is :

Is there something we might have missed in Figma’s functionalities that could help me justify the last line of a paragraph or is there any plugins/work around that could achieve that?

Thanks !

The Justify button only seems to achieve a justification with the last line to the left.
I would like to justify the last line as well !

Since there are no alignment types other than those mentioned in the help article above, you won’t be able to create them in any way until the Figma team makes them native functions and adds an API for them.