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Missing fonts in prototype - Interactive components

It’s happening to some of my interactive components utilising Font Awesome types. The font isn’t actually missing. I suspect the bug has to do with its ligatures – when the bug occurs, the text messes up in the same way when i turn off ligatures under type details > letterforms.

Still the same issue in July

I am using Font Awesome for icons. When I share a prototype that contains interactions on the icons, the icons change to their code-text on hover.

Fx: if I hover the “house” icon, the icon changes to the word “house”.

Still having this issue - we had to stop using the interactive components all together.
Super annoying that this has not been fixed :slight_smile:


This was created back in May. Can we please can an update on this? I’ve basically had to resort back to static prototypes - with no hover interactions. It’s essentially Sketch.

I just want an update or an acknowledgment that this issue is known. I think it’s a pretty big bug and many users are annoyed with it.

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