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Missing fonts in prototype - Interactive components

Hi, I created an interactive component that worked fine until one week ago (more or less). Now, when you hover on it the font changes and shows the message “Some missing fonts were replaced”


The same happens to me. I reported the problem 15 days ago but nobody answered me.

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I too am having this issue. I was breaking my head trying to figure out what the issue was thinking it was something I did.

Having the same issue here


I am also having this issue. While it looks normal for me, for anybody else without the fonts, the fonts break only in the interactive components, usually on hover. This is super noticeable and broken looking especially with something like Font Awesome.

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Unfortunately, I can confirm the (mis-)behaviour in our prototype.

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Same happening here.

Same thing is happening to me as well.

Same bug for me sadly :frowning:

Same issue for me. Looks like my fonts are falling back to “Inter”, which is quite different from my styles based on Futura. Doesn’t impact me when viewing the proto in Figma, but it impacted the flow of remote user testing I ran this morning with the prototype.

Same issue. Fonts changing on hover variant and not changing back.

Same here!

I’ve built an interactive component form which works fine in the browser. When viewed on a phone though some of the fonts load and others don’t. The fonts are a Google font and Font Awesome.
There doesn’t appear to be a pattern, other than where the fonts don’t load the components are multi-variant Interactive Components.
The odd thing is, it doesn’t happen everywhere. Some components with the same fonts and states load fine.

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Also having this issue. On hover, the font resets to some default. I’m not sure what font.

This is actually ruining the whole experience with Figma. Clients don’t have these fonts usually and I don’t want to make them download these fonts either.

Can we get an update on this?


For those with this issue I can suggest a work around that, while not ideal has allowed me to hit my deadline.
Select the type that is causing the problem and outline it. [<shift><cmd><o>]
It means your type is no longer editable but it’ll display correctly.
For me, I created a duplicate document, detached my components [<alt><cmd><b>] and outlined the text.
Hope this helps someone. :+1:


Same issue here, we can’t present to client with this kind of bug. Any interactive component that uses a font that’s not locally installed breaks whenever there’s an interaction (IE: mouse over).

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I’d like to chime in. This is a big issue. A few weeks back it worked without a hitch, now it’s broken.

Detaching components and outlining type is obviously no fix for complex files.


Same happening here! I copied it to another file and it worked fine. Font replacement plugins do not detect any different font other than the supposed.

Same here: As I open my prototype, fonts look fine at first sight, but as soon as I hover them, I get the font replacement error, and all my typographic design is basically gone. I hope this can be fixed quickly!

Same here. Starts with the correct font in default - but hovering in the prototype replaces the Font with a standard system font.

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