Mindmap shortcuts in Figjam

I use Miro for Mindmaps because it has very comprehensive and easy to understand shortcuts to quickly create Mindmaps.

Tab to go 1 level deeper. and Enter to create a sibling element.

Would love to see the same in FigJam also


Thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto the FigJam team for future consideration.

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I really need this too !

The tool Whimsical does this perfectly.

In addition to it.

Here are some other things that I’d love to see in mind maps in FigJam

  1. Ability to dynamically link any sticker, shape or object on the board and not just the defualt mindmap nodes. They should also be responsive when I move the mindmap around.

  2. A card like component that can further be opened to view a larger a description and then 1 level more deeper to open a full notion doc like view. Refer Scrintal tool for this.

Any updates on these shortcut integration?

I would like to know if there is any way to change the default key settings when mind mapping. Almost all software that work with mind maps work with the same basic key settings. E.g. Tab and Ester basic settings which makes mindmap creation really fast. In FigJam you have to use the mouse and that’s a pain in the ass.