Merged Branch Review stuck on loading?

Is anyone else experiencing this bug when you want to review Merged branches? I’ve been stuck on loading forever. There was an instance that it did show the review, but most of the time it was just on this screen.

Also this is a very simple file with only less than 10 layers total, and the change was only to a buttons border radius.


Here is a screenshot where I am stuck

My team is experiencing the same bug.


Hey @Bernie97 @Madalyn_Pape - sorry for the trouble with this! We have a bug ticket filed on our end, and looking to get more information.

Do you notice if this is only happening on one particular file? Or is it happening across different files with branches that you have?

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My team said they were encountering this specifically when using the Review process feature. I believe it was on that one particular file, but I don’t have much more information than that :slight_smile:

We’re encountering this same issue, seemingly: Reviewers unable to load branch review window on some files

It’s only happening on a subset of files from a particular Team/Project so far, in our tests.

Out team is affected as well. It seems to happen when the reviewers have viewing access but it works if they have editor access.

We have the same issue here, ‘Review’ is stuck and I am unable (as a reviewer) to approve and merge the branch. Major headache.

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Has there been any movement here with fixing that bug? It has been since March 18 and we are still stuck with branches that we cannot commit.

Hey everyone!

Thank you for reporting. This issue is under our radar and we are actively working on a fix. If you are stuck on the loading on any unmerged files that you are an editor on (not a merged branch and you also have edit access on the branch file), could you share the branch file and main file with Please shoot me a DM with the link to the branch after.

Thank you!

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