Memory usage warning appears and distract from work. How can I rid of this distraction permanently? Can Figma help and fix this bug?


Hi. Yes I know that I used 59% of memory but every second this window appears and I close it and it appears again and I close it - it is exhausting and it is torture! I am just designer of this file I am not an owner - I just to want to finish my work quietly. But I don’t know how to close this warning for good. Is it possible to do this?

I explain why I cannot ignore this awful warning - because when it appears it close my pages between I constantly move - so I need to close it warning to see my Page list and go to the required page - and I need to close this warning always when I want to go to the other page - this is total suffering.

Figma support, please, fix this bug! Let the way to close this window permanently!

Maybe a better suggestion would be to make it not cover any UI controls.

Making such a message disappear completely seems ill advised to me—like turning off warnings for low gas in a car, low battery for you laptop, or running out of life support in your spaceship.

I am sorry, you are definitely not a designer, and did not working in situation that warning appeared every second and hid the page name list that vitaly needed to quick switching between Components and App pages.

And 60% is not a high level. This project evolved about 6 months to reach this 60% level - and it is finishing now, only some small edits remain - and now it is very dificult to fulfill the job because of this annoying distracting big window that cannot be turn off by user.

So I very hope for Figma team help - give users the way to turn this window off!
Or at least remove this window from the top left position to avoid hiding the page list!
It can be a small icon and not a big window that replaced a vital page list.


I have to see the page list to work and not the warning instead of pages.

Hi, Figma support, I have suggesting to put this “Memory usage” window to the third tab and it will be tabs in the top left corner in this order:

Layers Assets Memory usage

I explain why. I cleaned up my files and removed 8MB. And now this warning is not appears for a while. But paradox - now I want to see how my pages using memory now after cleaning, but I cannot find this memory winow!

So we have this situation:

  • when user is working and doesn’t want to see this warning - it appears, replaces Pages list and distracts.
  • when user wants to see memory indications after cleaning pages up - this memory window cannot be found!

So Figma support, the third tab Memory usage is a one of the ways to resolve this impass.

The “Memory usage” panel does not replace the list of pages, but rather pushes it down.

Thanks about telling me where can be found Memory usage - but it is not complete info. The most important info is not here.

I need to see how many percentage of using memory is opposite each my new pages to see how effective I split up my pages?

The top banner of whole memory usage is useless but persenatge of opposite every page is helpful - I need to see persentage of each page. Where it can be seen?


I got it - it in the top but see all the at once was more convinient.

Click the “Manage memory” button and turn on the “Show memory usage in layers panel” option.

And please be sure to check out this Help Center article:

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Thanks - that was that I was looking!