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Hi evereryone,

I’ve had a problem for some time with one of my Figma files. I get the memory message saying “memory running low”. I’m stuck between 63 and 68%, but as soon as I add/duplicate a single element, I reach 100% even though the element is only 6.7%.
I’ve tried everything:

  • open Figma on Firefox and Chrome
  • empty Chrome’s cache - duplicate the file
  • compress images and music
  • vectorize as many shapes as possible
  • remove auto-layouts
  • put as many shapes as possible in png (I noticed it was a little less heavy, but not enough)
  • put the components in a separate file
  • put as many elements as possible in components with variants
  • I don’t have any elements lying around
  • reopen the app/the file
    My Figma file is only 284.5 MB, I’m far from 2 GB, I’ve already done much heavier projects and I’ve never had any problems. Could someone please enlighten me? I’ve tried everything and now I don’t know what to do. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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@Morgane5 Sorry this has been a hassle – just one other thing I’d like you to check:

If you make a copy of the file, and then open it, do you still have issues with memory bloat?

Hi, thanks for your reply !
Yes if I copy the file, nothing change, I still have the issue. I tried to send it to some of my friends, i thought maybe it was my Figma profile the problem, but they also have the message.

Gotcha - I think

Do you know how to fix it ? :sweat_smile:

Haha, my bad + sorry about that! That response wasn’t complete so here’s the rest of it:

Gotcha - I think the best course now is to have someone on support look at the file to see if there’s some hidden background action happening that’s churning out an invalid memory warning.

Is the email associated with your Figma account the best one to contact you with? I’ll get you connected with support so they can take a look.

Haha no problem ! Yes you can use my email associated with my Figma account. I will then see with the support team. Thank you very much for your help !!

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:pray: appreciate it! Got that ticket drawn up for you - let me know if you didn’t receive anything.