Masters moving between pages

From what I know, if I have created a master in one of the design pages and then I move it to the DS, I would get a message from Figma telling me that the object has moved and that I need to publish the library so they will stay connected (not sure of the exact words of the message). Whats happening now, is that I’m cutting and pasting a master component from a page to the DS file, I don’t get this message, so I can’t link them and my masters are unlinked from the components in use.

Hm…sorry for any confusion with this @lotem.sharabani. I think it would be best to have someone on support take a look at your specific design system / file. This kind of thing is usually caused by something specific to your work, and I don’t have visibility into that on my end.

Please reach out to support here:

If you are able, please share edit access to the file you have this DS in with This will help the team look directly into what you’re describing.

Please note that we’re currently observing the New Year holiday, so there will be a delay in response time. Appreciate your patience with us.