Managing Changes in Figma Prototypes While Continuing Design Work

Hello everyone,

I have a question and would greatly appreciate your help. :slight_smile: Here’s the situation:

A design has been created, including a component and an interactive prototype. The prototype link has been sent to the clients and will be used for an indefinite period for review and feedback.

In the meantime, work needs to continue on the component and the design without reflecting these changes in the prototype, that is already by the clients.

I hope I’ve formulated the question clearly, and I’m curious if this problem is new to any of you. How do you handle such situations? Does anyone have an idea on how this could be resolved?

Thank you very much in advance.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

my suggestion to separate your design and preview into 2 separate files, this is what I do then I update the preview file by copy and paste the design from design file to preview file

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