Making scaleable bar charts

Hi all.

I’ve manage to create a vertical bar chart that scales perfectly when I both resize it and when I add addtionial fields and gridlines.

When trying to convert the same graph into horizontonal, I’m not getting the same results.

Any ideas?

Hey Chris,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! The access of the file is denied. Can you edit the access so the community can look at it?

  • Go at the top-right corner, click on the blue “Share” button
  • A pop up will appear, select “Anyone with the link”, and “can edit” or “can view”

Thanks Celine. I’ve done that now

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing the access to the file!
From what I’ve seen, this may be not the best option but as a workaround, I’d recommend you to make the bar chart horizontally manually, as it’s not possible to convert it natively. I’ll pass along to our team your feedback.

I’d also recommend you to have a look into plugins created by the community that may help you here: Hope this helps!