Make "Show Multiplayer Cursors" setting sticky across sessions

Simple request: just make the “Multiplayer Cursors” setting sticky across sessions so I can work & present in peace. The current behaviors make an otherwise good feature the equivalent of the Kool-Aid Man busting into my deep-concentration work and presentations.

I do not want to see Multiplayer Cursors when I work.
Let me work in peace – silent cursors floating around is distracting at best and anxiety-inducing at worst.

I do not want to see Multiplayer Cursors when I present.
When we all want to collaborate, we’re all signed into Figma independently and can control our own settings/modes and all is good. When we are using screen-sharing apps like Zoom, it’s to give the presenter control over what everyone sees. When I’m presenting, I really don’t want someone else’s wandering cursors taking away from what I’m trying to show.

I do want to see Multiplayer Cursors when I’m in a collaboration mode.
Modes that are made for collaboration (Observe Mode, Conversations) can ignore this setting and always show multiplayer players. That’s expected! In the rare third case where I want to see them and I happen to not be using either of these modes, I can toggle it on. Easy.

I’m not asking for major changes to Figma’s visibility/permissions model, or to disable Observe Mode, or anything that downplays the brand-differentiation of “multiplayer” – just be smarter about this setting and remember my preference.


Seriously, having to turn it off every time I open the app is obnoxious.

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