Make Image go Out of Frame


So I have a frame with a solid border, in that frame i have an image and text. That Frame has it components aligned in a row → So image is left and text is right. Now i want that the image is bigger than the frame itself, but i have gotten into two problems: Either the frame scales with the image, so the image stays in the frame always, or I get that the Image is bigger than the frame without resiszing it but i gets cut off when it goes out of the frame.

Now to my second problem after the above is solved. Now technially the image is left from the text, but I want to make it so that the image goes under the text. So it is left and partial under it. My goal is to have the image cover the frameborder where there is no text and there where the image is basically the background of the text the border pops out and you can see on the image.

I hope everything is understandable.

Thanks a lot if you can help!

All good, Solved it myself