Make 2 components mirror each others behaviour

Is it possible to make 2 components mirror each others resizing behaviour? one could be a local component and the other an instance of it, or they can be both instances of another component, doesnt matter really, as long as it works. hope its possible, fingers crossed.

Should be possible, why not? Make a master components with fixed size and then place an instance. It would take the master component size unless you override that.

yes, but i also want that when resizing the second component, the first one mirrors that.

Nah, it’s one to many connection, not other way around

yeah… thought so :frowning:

im gonna try to give you the whole context. i have a table that is a horizontal auto layout of columns, each column is a vertical auto layout of cells. it is built this way so that the width of any column is given by the width of whichever cell that has the longest text inside it. what i need to accomplish is to be able to insert between any two rows of the column (yes, i know, the table is column based and not row based, but visually this is what i need to do) a component, or an object, if you will, that has a totally different structure logic to the table (it cant be made with columns or rows). what i came up with is having two instances of the table, between which i can place my additional content. but, at the same time, i wish that when i type text in a cell of the top table, the same cell of the bottom table resizes accordingly (just like the top table cell), only without changing the text, and… vice versa - when i enter text in a bottom table cell, the top table cell of the same column resizes as well.

sorry for the long post, many thanks to any who will take the time to read.