Lost components between two files

Hey everyone!
I have a huge problem right now and need your assistance.

I have files in one paid team account. From one already shared library and file I’ve cut components and put to another file to relocate them, but I didn’t get a popup with Move published components flow.

I undo both actions and from this point on my main file everything are linked properly, but when I trying to publish the library I see a message “this component moved to another file” near to each component.

So library popup want to apply latest updates where I cut these components, but I restored my previous version, and I want to use this library as a start point.

In file all components are linked, and no issues, but library want to apply changes that will break everything. So my components after library approval will stuck between two files, and I can’t get access.


We’re experiencing the same issue right now. Happening on multiple components across multiple files.

We have exactly the same problem. When a component is moved between pages the ones in “original” file are detached and “restore component” action is displayed when clicking on them.

No option to update the components in “original” file is displayed.