Local Variables: Two Collections, can only choose one?

(I have searched for same issue without any answers which is working)

Im building a design system and I have 2 collections in variables. But when I have to choose between them in “Layer” and “Local Variables” it only shows one af them. How can I get the other one “activated”?


I really hope someone can help! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hi Christopher,

as far as I know, you can only select one Varibale at a time. Perhaps you can give some insight into your use case and there is another way to solve your needs.

I also wonder how you can work with text/paragraph styles yet, as there is no final support for fonts. Or is it just about content?

Hey MG17
Thanks for your fast reply.

I saw a friends Figma file earlier that day and he had two collections he could choose between. I can’t attach a image.

The “paragraph” is just something my developers is working with in their system. It’s only colors, sizes and so on im working with here.

We are working with “ribbons” on our customers sites and in our system. Then text, buttons, background ect. is switching colors, depending on the variable. I have a white and grey always, and then there is only 2 modes left for custom colors for the customer. Here im using Primary and Primary Lighter as an example.
So I will make a new collection with Secondary, Secondary Lighter, Tertiary, Tertiary Darker, but that collections I can’t get activated in “local variables”.

Hope that makes sense…