Local variables panel is not resizable anymore

I don’t know if it’s a problem only I’m experiencing, but the Local Variables panel has been non-resizable since this morning, and in this way, I can’t work on my project anymore. Is it an issue only I’m facing, or is it a known bug? Is there a temporary workaround that would allow me to continue working?

Thank you.

i know what is that

Same here !

same here. not only it is not resizeable, I can’t seem to be able to create a new variable since the button is buggy (or sometimes gone).

Figma Desktop App version 116.13.3; macOS Sonoma 14.0

same. was resizable for a while, no longer isn’t.

Hey there, thanks for pointing out. Our team is already working on improving this, but we don’t have an exact timeline to share just yet - stay tuned!

Toku / 徳永
Figma Support

Hi Figma and @y_toku

I get frustrated with the panel of Local Variables when it always re-size when I click on the variable category. I remember that I could scale the height of this panel, but it no longer works like this.

Local variables are super useful, hope you can fix this minor bug ASAP.

Thank you and best regards.

Hi there, thanks for your patience! I think it’s fixed, so could you check?