Local variables mode conflict


As the title suggests I have x3 nodes in my library file, they are different styles for multiple brands. Library file is published and up to date.

Selecting all the designs and making a node override works.

However but when i try at a page level i get the following error.

Also “DirectLineNEW” & “PriviledgeNEW” no longer exist in the library file and i can’t seem to remove them from the list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it’s driving me loopy.


Hi @Jake_Round, Thanks for getting in touch about this issue, I can understand how frustrating this must be for you.

From what I’ve gathered internally, this may be happening because the page-level UI is pulling from all the variables used in the file. It might possible that somewhere in this file, outdated variables are being used.

Could you please check if any instances in the file are using these outdated variables? If you find any, could you try going to the library where the main components are included, accept all updates, republish them, and then accept the updates in the file with this conflict mode issue to see the difference?

However, I note that we currently have a limitation. If there are locally deleted components that use outdated variables, accepting updates might not resolve the issue. Please know our engineers are actively working on this!

Hope this information helps a bit. Let me know if I misunderstood anything.
Also, we always welcome any insights or suggestions from our community, if you have one please jump in!

If none of these helps, I suggest you to reach out our support team directly here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
When you contact our support team, please provide the following:

  1. Use your Figma account’s email address.
  2. Share the direct link of the file with mode issue, and please add support-share@figma.com as an Editor to those files (this won’t impact your billing).
  3. Let our support team know what troubleshooting steps you’ve already tried.

Thank you for your support!

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Thanks for your response @Junko3

I’m going to assume it is the latter, I’m really struggling to resolve the issue, i’ve double and triple checked there are no legacy styles applied. I have raised a support ticket in the meantime.

I wonder if there is a solution, i would really like to try and avoid rebuilding both files as that seems like a waste of time.


I’m having the same problem. :rage: I can’t understand how such a simple question wastes our time. While it could be solved with a very simple plug-in and bug-fix, Figma leaves us with the problem. :sob:

Hi there, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us. I completely understand your frustration.

I wanted to share this article Modes for variables - Mode conflicts. It offers some suggestions on how to clear old variables from your file that may be causing conflicts.

If you’ve tried those suggestions and are still experiencing issues, I recommend reaching out to our support team directly for further assistance. Please refer to the instructions provided in the second post quoted below.

Thank you for your understanding!