Local variables are all broken

When I push updates for the local variables and the component that contains the variables the component becomes broken in the other files and all the variables stop working. They are only working correctly in the library file. Is there anything I can do?

Hey Paulo, to use the variables in other files, you can publish them as a library. Could you confirm me if you’ve published the variables by following these steps?

  1. Click the Assets tab in the left sidebar or use the keyboard shortcut:
  • MacOS: ⌥ Option 2
  • Windows: Alt 2
  1. Scroll down to the Hidden section, which will list any components that exist in the file, but haven’t been published.
  2. Right-click on the component and select Show when publishing. If you have hidden the component using the . or _ prefix, you will need to remove this.
  3. Figma will notify you that your updates are successfully published.