Local Library not appearing for me

Hello all, I am very new to Figma and have been using it for a uni subject, but as I’ve gotten to the end of the project, I’ve noticed that everyone else has access to the ‘Local Library’ where as I don’t have that option. I’ve tried publishing my own library, but it says I need to pay for premium to build a team library. I’m absolutely stuck. All I want to do is include a Quantity counter and a form fill out for my website without them breaking. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Hey @Lachlan4 ,

Welcome to the community! I confirm that only members with a paid seat for Figma design on the team can publish a library. (=> There are no published libraries in a Starter Team, so you can’t see the local library.)

You may refer to another team that you could be a part of? If so, you would need to be added to the whichever File is published as a library for you to have access to it. Hope this clarifies!