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🎬 Live Embeds... within Figma!

You know how sometimes you feel like having a copy of a screen in another file (or page), and would like to have it be updated automatically, but it feels overkill to create a main component out of that screen? If you just copy and paste it (for example for creating a prototype in a separate Page without messing your original screens), it’s pretty much instantly out of date.

You also know how you can embed Figma files, frames or prototypes in any website, even integrating in other services like Jira and Dropbox with the Live Embed Kit. It works AMAZING, it shows even up-to-date designs, and you’re simply copy-pasting a link, without the overengineering of extra components.

What if this would work within Figma itself?? Check this out:

Would this be useful for anyone else? We for example would like to have an example of “usage” of each component in the Components Library, which is usually a screen taken from a variety of other files. But they invariably get out of date super soon.

Maybe this can be achieved through a plugin?

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