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List of Fonts in selection (like selection colors)

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    When we select a particular template or frame on Figma on the right side it will show all the colours did we used on that frame or template that’s a really good feature, Including that can you people also try to show us what all fonts that we used in that template or frame I felt that could be really great move by Figma if you people show the list of fonts that we used in that frame this going to be a great initiative by FIGMA. I’m really apologetic If that feature already existed in Figma I didn’t know where it was? I explored but I couldn’t find that feature.

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    Does anyone else experience this?
    Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

Font Fascia plugin allows you to see the list of fonts in the document:

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Thanks so much Gleb, it’s working :+1: :+1: :+1:

That plugin is OK for listing the fonts as you describe, while I’ve also been thinking it’d be great if we could see and modify all font in a selection as you can with Colours.

Further, like the Colours feature this could let you quickly select and change a sub-set of manually formatted text objects over to Text Styles.

That could help cleaning up after quick/loose ideation sessions (esp multi-player) much quicker, be less error prone and just feel so much more efficient compared to having to individually click to selects the various text objects in a selection – it feels cumbersome pretty quickly and it’s these sorts of efficiencies that really add up in loyalty/“stickiness” (if we must! :wink: )

While size also has to be taken into account, the colour feature’s already multi-modal with each opacity level a separate editable selection, just as differing sizes would be for fonts.

Finally, as colours are currently separate from Text Styles, the existing colour selection feature would of course also be available on the selected objects.