List all the properties of a component instance

How can I find all the properties of a component instance?
const instanceVariant = figma.currentPage.selection[0] as InstanceNode
const allVariantsNamesArr =
(child) =>

This command prints all variantProperties. But I wish to list all properties.

Thanks Tank…

Here, I tried to print instance.componentProperties is doing the job…

Could I ask, can I set these properties from plugin? For example, if there is a property,

LightStatus = false,
can I set LightStatus = true?

I have done this, but only problem is,
node?.setProperties({LightStatus : false })

But I can’t give like that. It is as a string in an array.

I mean,
let nodeProperties: Array;
nodeProperties= [“LightStatus”,“WindowStatus”]

let nodevalues: Array;
nodevalues= [“false”,“true”]

in a loop, I have to set like
node?.setProperties({nodeProperties[0] : nodevalues[0]})

is it possible?

Yes, sure. But note that you can only set properties that exist in the component/component set. Also note this:

Unfortunately, i am getting error. A help will be really appreciated.

Attaching what I have done:

//This target node is an instance actually. Please ignore about getNode(), I am not giving
//explanation of it, but it returns a component instance.
let targetNode = getNode(workingClone)

let tI = targetNode as InstanceNode

//This tI has more than //20 properties. I listed them using propDefs. so, it prints
//present set values.
const propDefs = tI.componentProperties;

//now, I have a test object. it is something like below.
{ nodeName - It is string
nodePropertyName it is string
nodeValue it is string

I am trying to populate a object that I can use inside setProperties() function for the targetNode

so following block will generate a result object. But I get error as above.

for (const prop in propDefs) {

    let propertyNameWithoutHash =   prop.substring(0,prop.indexOf("#"))
    if(propertyNameWithoutHash ===testCase.propertyName)

Actually, the target property type is boolean. I am passing a string “true”. I am sure error is because of that. But hardcoding always True/False is not right way I felt.

Sorry, I didn’t understand you right away. The false and true values ​​must be of boolean type.

Yes, I can set it now. Thank you. I will have to try the Variant type also

for a variant property, I am getting this error.
Error: in setProperties: Unable to find a variant with those property values

But I am sure, it is. For example,
FRUIT is the property name, and possible values, APPLE, ORANGE, BANANA.

I tried to set BANANA

code is
result = {}
result[FRUIT]= “BANANA”

One thing I noted that, when I was working with booleans,

let targetNode = getNode(workingClone)
let tI = targetNode as InstanceNode
const propDefs = tI.componentProperties;
each items in propDefs had a #value for example Fruit#148:15

but in failed case,
it is not

Could you share a link to the test file?

I do not have a test file. So I am not able to share it. But I found the problem. It is not because the variant setproperty issue. Actually, the mainComponent of the target Node has combination of variants as below.


In my plugin, I am trying to set FRUIT = BANANA, but at this time, COLOUR = GREEN, PRICE= MEDIUM. But that combination is not exist. So, it reject the setProperties request.

my csv is having 3 lines actually

since I am trying to call setProperties, line by line, it crashes. Can I set all three properties together in a single call?

Yes, of course, you can set multiple properties at once when you call this method. Just add these properties to your object.

OK. I will try to iterate the csv file sequentially, then I will fill a result{} array,
after that I will try to feed that result into the setProperties…

Thanks Tank. It is working fine… Thank you.