Link components in a frame to a grid size (column width and gutter width) to resize and reposition elements quickly when changing the grid size

Hey guys,
This is a feature request.
Let; say I am designing a website. I create a certain grid (column/gutter) and I start adding components, aligning them to the grid I previously created. Let’s say I have quite a few pages, all of course using that same grid. When I finish all the 20 pages of the website, let’s say the client wants to change the grid size. That means I have to resize and reposition every component on all 20 pages, it’s a huge waste of time. How about an option to “link” the components to the grid I created, so that when I change the grid size (column width, gutter width), all the components and elements resize and reposition properly based on the new grid size? It could be checkbox in the frame “Link to grid” and whatever components I size initially based on the grid, those would get resized and repositioned correctly any time I change that grid size.


Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.

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