Linear Gradient Handle missing

Im having trouble finding the circle handle for linear gradient, the circle one use to adjust the angle of the gradient, there is supposed to be 3 in there right.

Zoom out, it’s probably far away. Or you can Alt + click one of the ends to reset its position.

I tried to but still cant find it, and suddenly this icon appear

Alt + Click doesnt work too

Maybe it was Cmd/Ctrl click, I don’t remember for sure.

Have you tried restarting Figma? This update just rolled out:

I think its the update, having trouble in adjusting the gradient today for my current work, yesterday it works fine but now the 3rd circle that responsible for adjusting the angle is gone so the problem that i face now is this:

You will clearly see that the gradient is not properly aligned.

Sounds like a bug, I would advise you to contact support regarding this issue.

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Is there anyway the support team see this, they are not responding to my emails, and im having a serious problem about this bug and i cant move on to my project because it affects all my existing gradient layouts. :pensive: — make sure the email you use matches your Figma account email.

ok, thank you!

Have you any answer from the support or resolved somehow this problem? I have the same problem with gradients angle adjustment.

Dont bother mate, this Figma forum is a joke. Even their support is a joke, emailed them about it. Loooooooong time ago, still no response.