Limit number of Items in "auto layout" when using Wrap

I need to limit the number of items when using Wrap on Auto Layout.
Like the number of columns or rows on grids.

I want to use wrap auto layout and auto-fill on inner items at the same time and I want to set a limit for the number of columns or rows.

Look at these images, I designed that thing I meant.

I don’t want to use max/min width, because these happen:

You can sort of achieve this by applying a max width and height and then setting the auto layout frame to clip content.


@Josh Thanks Josh,
Yeah, I knew it can possible in this way, but it takes time to do and sometimes I don’t want to set max width and height for the components.
and this way have a problem in some situations, please look at this image:

First row get 4 items
second row get 3 items and different sizes

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Yes ! we need that of course !

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I stumbled over this issue today aswell. This feature would be super helpful.

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+1 to this. Defining a max width for the entire row is not useful as I also can’t control the number of items in a row (e.g. I want to display max 4 cards in a row, but 5 cards may be displayed if the individual card widths still allow for 5 to be displayed within the max defined row width)

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