Licensing question

Two people in my organization need Figma Professional licenses in order to create wireframes / mockups. We have many others in the organization who need to see those and play around in them, but they do not need to be able to create them on their own. Are we okay if the two creators get Figma Professional licenses, and the rest just have free licenses?

It is my experience that Figma will now charge you for every user you add to one of your projects, regardless of whether or not they have their own license. It’s pretty expensive for freelancers who may already have their own licenses but not have a parent organization to put the files/payments under. Also feels like Figma is double-dipping.

I’m trying to figure this out as well.

From the research I have done, there appears to be two types of “seats”: 1) “view only” and 2) “editor”. Editor access is where Figma charges the account. If you share a file/project with someone and give them “editor” access, you will be changed for that “seat” regardless if that person you shared the file with already has their own paid Figma account. View access appears to be free.

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This is the response I got from Figma support –

“The Professional plan is billed per editor role. As long as those 10 users are given the viewer or viewer restricted role, they will not be included in your team’s billing.”

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