Library updates not propagating to design files

Hej Figma team,

we already have seen similar issue for a while but since last Friday it reached a state where it blocks our work tremendously: After publishing an update to a component in a library the instances in project files never receives those updates. They still seem to be properly connected since “Got to component in main library” takes one still to updated component in the library, but there seems to be no way reliable to get that change into the Design file. Re-publishing the component, reloading he design file tab or even restarting Figma doe snot solve the issues.

Your help to resolve this asap would be highly appreciated.

System info: macOS Sonoma 14.4
Figma Desktop App version 116.17.11

Hey @Tobi - I’d highly suggest reaching out to the support team with this one. Library issues are unique to themselves, so it would require review of the library by our support team.

Please file a ticket here – let me know once you’ve done so, and I can add additional context for our support team onto it.

Sorry I can’t help more directly :disappointed: