Library related issue

I am not able to use styles and components of library despite publishing it on my team project…Although I have followed all the procedures of publishing library in a tem project nothing is showing on the left hand side about the styles and component of library…
I am attaching some photos…Please help me out

In your screenshot, you can see that only styles are published in the libraries and don’t have components.

Styles are never displayed in the Assets panel, they must be applied to objects through the right panel. Read more in the Help Center article:

Although i have a student account I am not able to use components in Figma through libraries…Can you help me what should I do to fix this???

It looks like you need to upgrade your Team to an Education plan.

How to do it:

I have done that too but still the issue is not solved…Please help me out

Unfortunately, I can’t help you without any details.

I advise you to contact the Support Service directly:

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