Library pages names update

Hey, I’m trying to make some updates within our library file which include some renaming in the page section. for some reason the name in the library file doesn’t sync with the names shown in a design file in the assets sections.

how can I make sure those are also synced?

Hey @Idan_Arbesman I’m really sorry if I misunderstood : have you tried applying overrides for the instances that were connected to your library?

Again, I could have totally misunderstood the issue & screenshot, so let me know.

no, I was just trying to publish some components. and it didn’t happened as expected. a colleague of mine did the same on his end and solved our problem.

but it was weird that for some reason, when I published the same components only few got actually published.

Thanks for clarifying! I do want to know a bit more for my own context - is it you that technically owns the library? This could’ve been a superficial issue (one where clearing app cache could have gotten things moving), or one where there was a conflict with the properties and values of a few variants within your specific file.

Hard to tell on the surface, but if this seems resolved, then that’s great! Just let me know if you continue to run into issues publishing yourself, and I can get you connected to our support team.