Layout thesis project


My thesis buddy and I are considering layout our thesis project in Figma - does anyone have some experience with layouting large projects like academic reports or magazines?

Normally we’ll do it in InDesign, but we would like to be able to collaborate.

Just so you don’t think we’re insane - we both have a background within graphic design and are skilled in Figma… or maybe we are insane, pls share all your good tips and experience! THANKS.

Best, two digital design students :slight_smile:

@Amanda_Marie_Thaaarsti Even though Figma isn’t a print-specific design software, you can easily format your thesis in Figma. Few tips:

  1. Think first about what type of templates you want to create, similar to InDesign Parent Spreads, each template would then be a component in your file.
  2. Create variants of these components depending on your needs.
  3. Use plugins like LaTeX Editor to format hard-to-format elements.
  4. Make sure you create your frames in the right print size, A4 or Letter.
  5. Make your frames PDF exportable by allowing it in the Export settings. While Figma’s native PDF export is fine, if you want to merge multiple frames and export all of them into one PDF perhaps using this plugin will help speed this process.
  6. Try this plugin to organise your ToC as well as adding pagination etc…

Hope these help.