Layers resizing changes from Fill to Fixed when nested inside a new Frame

Layers with ‘Resizing’ set to ‘Fill Container’ automatically gets set to ‘Left’ when nested inside a new frame. Annoying because the expected behaviour is for the layer to act the same (or similar) in the new Frame. Especially if the intention is to convert that frame into auto-layout.

When adding auto-layout to the parent Frame, the nested layers then have ‘Fixed Width’, which is very frustrating, since I have to go inside the new Frame and change these layers back to ‘Fill Container’. It’s a lot of double-work, constantly.

  1. Select one or more layers that have their resizing set to ‘Fill Container’.
  2. ‘Command + Option + G’ to create a new Frame with these layers nested inside.
  3. Add auto-layout to the Frame.
  4. Select the nested layers, which have been reset to ‘Fixed Width’ and change them back to ‘Fill Container’.

I suggest Figma should set layers that had ‘Fill Container’ to ‘Left Right’ when they are added to a Group or Frame that doesn’t have auto-layout. Then, when adding auto-layout to that parent Frame, it should set those layers (that have ‘Left Right’ resizing) to ‘Fill Container’.

Or is there an existing workaround?


Experiencing the same problem…


This is a silent pain, that I dunno why not too many ppl is talking about it, this weird height and width resets are turning auto layout in a nightmare…
Every time you wrap something in a new auto layout, something gets 0 height, or gets fixed in width, or something strange happens that forces you to do 20 more clicks to perform the same initial action… :angry: :frowning_face:

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I also experience this. Is this going to be fixed soon?

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Agreed. Please fix this or at least make it a configurable option!

Same here :frowning:

Yes, same here.

Just a shortcut to set all nested containers to fill. Please.