LAUNCHED: Variables! (Design Token support in Figma)

Our team is looking into integrating design tokens into our design system. We’re looking into some plugins for this but we aren’t entirely happy yet. I’d love to see native support for this from Figma itself!

Really hope to hear some info on this as we don’t want to build a structure around a plugin and then see it being obsolete when Figma native design token is released

Whatever the Figma team is planning/developing, I hope they take into account teams that are using an ext tool/plugin to hack around this and allow them to retrospectively integrate with it smoothly!

Is there a more specific timeline now, especially after Schema happened ?


Hi Josh,

Would it be possible to know if there will be a path from Styles to the upcoming Figma design tokens implementation? The question could be more generally understood as “what can we do today to put ourself in the best position to migrate to the design tokens implementation Figma will come up with?”.



Would love to see native support for aliases in color tokens, otherwise I feel like it wouldn’t be much different than the current color styles approach.

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You in fact can use figma tokens to import either as a file but better is to use Git connector which it handles quite well as well as then you can push and pull with documented changes in my opinion it actually does a better job of the way figma handles library updates…

Interesting rumors, guys. Shall we speculate a bit? :wink:

The interesting part is this one

The design tokens space is more exciting than ever. Design tools will soon have built-in support to use design tokens in some form, the design systems community is in for a treat.

I feel like it’s getting real!


I’m excited and scared at the same time - if this is done wrong it can be a real pig.

Please do not forget fonts! The styles panel very much forgot about the intricacies of font management as part of a system, causing tons of issues.

My hope is that this will be solved like symbols in essence: I should be able to place archetypal elements (text, containers) and set up a library of labeled tokens that collect whichever style attribute I assign to it. In this sense, a token is not that different from a symbol instance.


Would be really great if unitless and rems would be supported natively.

Our team is currently using a third party app, which helps us internally but is difficult for our users. Native tokens in Figma would be a game changer for us especially when it comes to theming. Right now we are having trouble with overrides in our more complex components when we attempt a library swap.


An update would be good!
Token Studio looks great, but isn’t a small thing to implement. What happens to Token Studio if Figma integrate token management?


It’s been over 2 years since this was proposed. Can’t you just buy Tokens Studio with that sweet Adobe money? The cost of switching to local tokens will be too high for most of us.


+1 This feature will be awesome!

One day! :slight_smile:

I would love to finally see Design Tokens implemented natively in Figma. I recently heard rumors that this should be the case anytime this year, but not sure if that’s true. Figma does not publish any roadmap of planned features, does it?


From my understanding, the term “Design Tokens” is undergoing a standardization process at large, with many stakeholders (companies, users, developers, designers) involved. This is important, because it will stimulate interoperability between various companies (say, Figma Design Tokens being usable in Zeplin, Zeroheight, Adobe, heck, maybe even Visual Studio or Jetbrains).

Search for “W3C Design Tokens” on the internet to learn more.

There are a few interesting pieces already to be found (at least concerning the progress towards standardization and implementation). But unlike for example the HTML standard, the Design Tokens standard is currently only an Editors’ Draft. That means standardization is not finished yet.

Regarding the rumors: as far as I can read online in the Design Tokens W3C Community Group discussions, Figma is indeed actively working on implementing Design Tokens. But they do run into blockers, which need to be resolved through collaboration in the Design Tokens community. I guess that’s why it is hard to publish a roadmap. Want to learn more about progress, take a look in the community group and more specifically this discussion below every now and then.


Well I guess this ticket can be closed now

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Eagerly waiting for a plugin to import a tokens.json file to Figma variables :eyes:

@jackbrind I‘ve already created and submitted a plugin that lets you convert your local styles into variables. Not quiet an import/export thing but it will do the job. The plugin is currently in review and will be named „Lightweight Styles to Variables“.


@SaschaW please keep us updated as soon as you roll this plugin out…

Yeah, I would say the Figma team delivered what I wanted and more on this one. There are some little nice to haves I hope come down the line but I was pretty over the moon yesterday.