LAUNCHED: Show additional measurement information like horizontal offset

As user coming from Sketch I am missing additional measurement information. To be precise I am talking about the horizontal offset of seperate elements while pressing option key.

Am I the only one who’s missing this feature?


Same. This is one of my biggest frustrations in switching to Figma. I get not everyone might be this nit-picky on their measurements. But once this is part of your way-of-working, it hard to go back.

For those who might not understand the difference. These are measurements from Sketch (left) and Figma (right):


The consistency of displaying measurements between objects etc. is hands down my most frustrating experience with Figma. I have 2 elements and need them spaced 8px and it displays a measurement 2 out of 5 times at best.


This is the one thing that keeps me going back to Sketch.


Same …

No solution from Figma Team about this ?


Just switched to Figma (from Sketch) and this is also a frustration for me. Any updates on this?


There is kinda a long way around it :frowning:
Placing another object to the right/left or top/down of the relevant object. It seem to work as long as the objects are not parallel/vertical completely.

Would love love love to see this feature in Figma!

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for dev handoffs this would be really nice. Please add!

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Trying my best to switch over from Sketch and not having these measurements is a major frustration in my workflow. I work on a sizable team in a large tech company and speak for the group when I saw, PLEASE bring this simple/basic functionality in the next update.

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Throwing my hat in the ring on this one as well. Please add this feature - quite frustrating as a former Sketch user!

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Same! The one thing I’m missing from :gem:.

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Is there anything on this? Seems like something that should have a simple solution, and yet

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Same for me. Please, please, please add this feature. :pray:

I’m thinking of migrating from adobe XD to Figma.

Not being able to see the relative distance between objects in pixels is really a showstopper for me.

Select one object, hover over the other object (below or above where you want to see the space distance), and press “alt” (on windows) or “option” (on mac) - a red line appear between the two and reveals the distance.

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@Zandrea Thanks for trying to help but I am afraid that you did not get the point of this feature request. Please watch this video to see the difference: Show additional measurement information like horizontal offset - #2 by Jan_Nikolaas_Gijsen

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Is there still no response from the folks at Figma? I don’t understand why this hasn’t been implemented yet we getting features that don’t actually aid good design.

Agree, Coming from Sketch this is a massive frustration. Figma is great in a lot of areas except this one important feature.

Does anyone know if there is another mechanism to request this basic feature? How can we escalate to have someone from Figma look at it, respond, and get it in their roadmap/next release update?