LAUNCHED: Markdown in comments

In our team, we use comments for:

  • Design reviews;
  • Technical questions;
  • Content discussions.

Our comments thread can become pretty long, and we often feel the need for formatting such as adding hyperlinks in text, quoting, listing.

One simple way to solve that would be to be able to add some simple markdown features for formatting in comments. We were using them a lot in Abstract, and we greatly miss them in Figma.


Plus one for enabling markdown in comments. At the very least, bold, italic, and hyperlinks would be great quality of life improvements and extremely useful for our team.

Block quotes would be pretty neat too :wink:

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Figma users and Markdown fans unite! :fist:

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Yes! we need Markdown and hopefully with a todo block :smiley:

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I always just assume checklists are included with markdown now :wink:



Would be very useful too, even basics like bold only would be a huge improvement.


any kind of formatting would already be much appreciated, markdown, wysiwyg, …

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Now you can use Markdown in comments.
Learn more from the release changelog and Help Center article:

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