Launched: Figma Dark Mode/Theme

  1. Problem
    Like many designers, I enjoy working at night. But Figma’s white interface just burns out the eyes. Yes, you can change the background of the canvas and hide the Layers and Properties panels and work that way, but it’s still better when the panels are visible to quickly control the order in the file and manage various properties.

  2. Solution
    To solve the above problem, you need to add a native theme selection (System, Light or Dark). That way, depending on the operating system theme they choose or the theme they want to enforce, users will see what they want.
    The Electron API has a nativeTheme module that has a themeSource property. Thanks to this, you can control the choice of theme.
    nativeTheme | Electron
    Dark Mode | Electron

  3. The interface could be like this

    Or like this

@Figma, we need a dark theme.
Thank you!


Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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My variant :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-28 a la(s) 8.41.40 a.m.


Is there a simple/integrated/no hassle method for a dark mode on the Windows App yet? Or planned?

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No, otherwise this post wouldn’t exist.

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I use a plugin called “Dark Background and Light Text”. It is somewhat buggy (can’t see color Styles) and pure black. It works best in stylesheet processor mode with Figma. Maybe we could make a thread of other plugins

It is not a plugin, but an extension or addon for the browser. Many of us are interested in the native ability to switch themes both in Figma Desktop App and in the browser on the Figma website.


Using dark appearance macOS while working on a project that uses a dark mode theme with Figma being the only light mode UI on the screen is a real bummer. It’s 2021. Give the people dark mode.


My SO tries this out by using Figma on Firefox, and then turning on the Dark Mode reader there, I think it’s an extension? :laughing: But I do hope this can become an option for the Figma Desktop app soon!


Yeah Dark reader on Figma browser works great


@tank666 Sorry I meant browser extension not Figma plugin. I’m also hoping for a real dark mode. This is just a suggestion for people to use before an native version, hopefully, comes out.

Wow, we do not need native Figma dark mode :slight_smile: Dark reader Chrome extension works like a charm. Colors, inspect code coloring, color picker, selection border colors, all seems to work correctly. You can even pin it just for domain

@Harun_Alikadic A Chrome extension isn’t really an acceptable solution in my opinion. Lots of people don’t use Chrome and Figma should support it natively so they can control the values and perfect it across their surfaces. Third party browser plugins are not the answer.

And of course we don’t need it, but come on.


It’s been almost 3 years since everyone around began asking for dark mode. Deal with it, t’s not happening guys, i doubt they care.


Yes, a dark theme is needed. I really need it.

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Why? :slight_smile:

Your dreams may soon come true… :hugs: And mine as well (about the pink mode :two_hearts: of course).


2021 and there is still no dark theme in Figma…