LAUNCHED: Dynamic background blur in overlays

any updates? still doesn’t work, we need a solution @Figma_Support !

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+1 on this one, would be super useful!

+1 would love to see this as well :smiley:

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Please @Figma_Support… we’ve been waiting for a long long time

Having this problem too - it’s a real pain - please fix it FIgma!!!

@Figma_Support Could really use this :slight_smile:

+1 same here, please provide it, would save so much time!!!

@Figma_Support It would be really helpful to include this feature in your next update

+1, this makes any workflow using components (among other things) unusable, we have to make multiple frames for every state that includes an overlay. God help you if you have multiple multi-state objects for each page.

+1 Upvote for this

+1 that’s super important!

+1 same here. We need background blur for overlay during prototyping. Thanks! @Figma_Support

@Figma_Support Pls add this feature, would be super helpful! Bumped into it myself a couple of times already.

@Figma_Support +1 Please we need this

+1 here @Figma_Support
This would be amazing

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I think its time for an official roadmap and more activity from the Figma officials.
This forum contains tons of great product ideas and also tons of bug reports (for example Interactive Prototypes and Smart Animate), complaints about missing features and discussions about time-consuming workarounds.

To me personally, it doesn’t feel like most of that is on Figmas radar.
Or at least they don’t respond most of the time.
Are you listening to what your customers want and what problems they need you to solve?
Hopefully some kind of roadmap will be established this year.


Another +1 here :slight_smile:

+1, not that it seems to make a difference…

Common guys, please hear the voice of your user base.

Exact same issue. +1