Launched: Delete Multiple Pages at one time in Figma

Deleting multiple pages is painfully slow. The current version of Figma only supports deleting one page at a time.

Allow multiple pages to be selected (Shift + Click, or COMMAND + Click) and Deleted (Delete Key or Right-Click > Delete).

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Thank you Gelb, that will do it. Hopefully this becomes native soon, as plugins tend to stop working with updates.

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How so? There were zero breaking API changes in the two years that it existed. All the updates only add new features, not remove or change how they work.

In general, we are trying not to reply on plugins for baseline functionality. We want to accomplish as much as we can without plugins, because in previous experience, plugin developers stop working on the plugin, and then the plugin stop working.

Did this happen in Sketch or Figma? In Figma there is almost no possibility that could’ve happened.

We just moved to Figma this month, from Sketch. Happened often in Sketch.

For Figma, my assessment is baed on community file comments on various plugins that have not been updated in a long time, and plugin update frequency compared to Figma update frequency.

The problems in Figma arise when things get added (such as variants) and plugins don’t update to support them — that’s what comments are likely talking about. But there are no features that are removed and the API doesn’t change unlike in Sketch plugins. Old features are still supported by plugins, so there is no way a plugin could break when Figma changes something (at least in the past two years that plugins existed it never happened).

This one of the many reasons we decided to migrate to Figma. Thrilled that the Figma team has done plugins the right way. Thanks @Gleb !

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Plugin doesn’t work correctly. It randomly stops working and need to re open file.

If you are having issues with a specific plugin, contact its developer.

Did you try reloading the Figma tab? Right-click Figma file tab and choose “Reload Tab.”

Curious if the also resolves the issue.

Gleb, this API really has been disabled but this plugin still working is a miracle, try running figma.root.children.forEach(n=>n.remove()) in the console and you’ll get Uncaught Error: in remove: Removing this node is not allowed

It probably uses some logic code to work around that as it automatically creates a new page. Not sure what you are surprised by. :slight_smile:

@Gleb The API documentation did not specify how to work around it, the plugin author must have implemented some genius logic, I tried this exact code yesterday in scripter, and it didn’t work

This is a very simple potential error that probably came up during development or plugin review process. And a fix is as simple as checking the number of pages (figma.root.children.length) and creating a new page before removing the last one.

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Wonder :star_struck: Recently I just needed to delete more than 130 pages, and this solution was the blessed one for this problem. Figma, please… release for all!

Hey All, thanks for your patience!

You can now selection multiple pages at once for deletion! :rocket: