LAUNCHED: Add images to comments

Make it possible to add images to comments. I created a new topic, because these older ones were closed:


Yep +1 for this would be great - I end up dropping screenshots in for reference all the time


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Dear Figma,
You rock, I love your tool and love growing with it. I like to leave comments to myself while I build the UI so I don’t forget my thoughts along the way. I’m sure what I am about to say would help people in teams, but adding images in comments or adding images to the “board” from my mobile phone would be such a useful addition.

Here’s why:

When creating mood boards from screenshots, it’s much faster and easier, especially while on the go! (Remote work, hello cafe coffee time & mood board break)
When creating apps, by posting a photo or screenshot with frames the size of your phone, is a helpful reference.
Learners benefit from sizing, proportions, and positioning
Personal opinion, illustration sizing (for apps), and component sizing reference!

P.S. Would be nice to also add Gif tutorials from my mobile for training purposes, visual representation, interactions, or for fun! <3

Thank you Figma for your time, you dah bes
Alexandra Todd

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Hi @Alexandra_Raquel_Todd , thank you for your positive feedback, we appreciate it :hearts:
For your feature request, others in the community have also requested it. I merged your topic so we have all the feedback in one place.


Yes, images in comments please! I want to have all the back and forth about designs in Figma, but we can’t share example images in comments so we end up using Slack

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Images are critical - our discovery/ux/backlog process is full of screenshots, snippets, and other visual references, that allow us to share ideas really quickly. And because not everyone in the team has Figma board editing rights, getting ideas trough the images in the comments would be best. Most of competitors have this - inline images, pasted directly within text.

Can you guys allow images inside comments just as how Overflow does it. That would be helpful, thanks.

This feature is sorely missing.

Cool! Just saw the featured get added :metal: But we can’t reply the comments with images?

While you guys are at it, may I propose to allow users to drag and drop an image from the Figma/FigJam file itself instead of uploading from Finder/File explorer

Hey All,

Today, we launched Media in comments!

You can now include images and GIFs when commenting in Figma and FigJam. Learn more about commenting in Figma.