Keyboard Shortcut as listed doesn't work, but the old one does? (Paste-to-Replace)

Has anyone else encountered an instance where the the shortcut as written in the Keyboard Short cuts panel doesn’t work?

I know that the Paste-to-Replace shortcut being changed is a well documented topic, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about experiencing what I’m seeing. In my instance of Figma (Desktop App v114.6.1 on Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1), the keyboard shortcuts panel, as well as right click menus all indicate that the shortcut for Paste to Replace is (the maligned) [Shift+Cmd+R]. But if I press those keys, nothing happens.

However, if I press the OG [Cmd+Option+Shift+V] it does work.

A mislabeled keyboard shortcut obviously isn’t a major problem, but it is weird (imo) and it makes me wonder if there’re other shortcuts that’ve been mislabeled or not updated. Is there something I haven’t done that would clear this up? (It’s been like this for a while, I just haven’t thought to mention it here.

tl;dr: What’s the deal with keyboard shortcuts???


Hey Eric, could you please check if you have enabled the correct keyboard layout? You can find more information here: