Keep selected zoom value while moving/focusing to other frames/elements

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Figma and this is driving me nuts - how can I prevent zooming while moving between different frames or elements?

I managed to discover how to move between the frames (in my case representing the web pages) - I can simply click the symbol besides the layer name inside the Layers panel. But every time I click it, the view is zoomed so the WHOLE frame can fit the viewport. Which is a HUGE problem for me. Every page has a different height, one is 600px high, one 4000px. You can imagine how the zoom differs! Most of the time I need to work in 100% zoom. But every time I move to another page or element I have to reset the zoom again and again! How can I keep the zoom on selected value?

I am intrigued, I haven’t found any setting or explanation for this. Am I the only one who needs this? Or have I just overlooked something absolutely obvious?

Thanks for any advice.

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Select a layer, press Shift + 2, then Shift + 0, that’s the only way. You can also move between frames using Home/End keys, that doesn’t change the zoom level.