Keep item in front while also part of a frame for auto layout

I am creating a design for a website that involves a split menu.

[Menu Left] [Logo Image] [Menu Right]

Additionally, the logo is tall, so I’m having it overlap and “fall off” the bottom edge.

Unfortunately, when those three components are all in the same auto layout, the image falls behind everything. I tried bring to front but that pulls it out of the auto layout. I can pull the image completely out of the Menu Frame, but then it doesn’t work with the auto layout either.

What am I not doing correctly here?

Try changing the layer canvas stacking order:

I appreciate that, but I don’t think that’s quite the problem. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing…

And here is my structure (can’t paste a second photos since I am a new user):

[Primary] - Frame

  • [Header] - Frame (everything in menu, including the logo)
  • [PTB] - Where the blue/green color is starting.

I want the logo to sit in front rather than behind.

Appreciate any help!

That’s exactly what canvas stacking setting changes.

I created following structure:
Frame 1: Page
Frame 2: Buttons + Image (Header)
Frame 3: Body Content
The image is spilling over to body and isnt going behind.

If its possible to share the Figma page where you are facing issue, it will be more helpful.

I figured it out - thank you both for responding.

I realized that I the Frame that everything was sitting in was not high enough and was cutting off the bottom. I extended that out, made it “Pass Through” and I could now see the next frame with the top part spilling over.

Appreciate your time!

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