Keep fixed size while using scaled position

Today, when setting “constraints” to “scaled” the behavior gets applied to both the position as well as the size of the layer.

I ran into a particular case in which I would like to scale the position relatively to its parent but keep the size fixed.

The example is straight forward.

  • I built a audio meter component which will be animate for prototyping and testing purposes.
  • The component itself as a particular height of 200px as a default.
  • Instances might use different heights.
  • The audio meter will display the audio peak in a given timeframe. (That’s the little yellow bar at the top)

Now: As is, the peak indicator gets scaled down as I decrease the size of the instance. Using any other constraint setting mispositions the peak indicator.

I don’t see how I can achieve a fixed height of 1px for the indicator while keeping a % based position relative to the height of the parent container.

(Left: instance with ~50% of the height | Right: Component variant)

Thanks for any advice.
Potentially this is rather a feature request.

– David

If I understand you correctly, then Layout grid from rows can help you.

I think you are correct @tank666. I missed that approach but found another solution which is a bit workaround-ish.

  1. Put peak indicator into an auto-layout frame.
  2. Set peak indicator width to fill for scaling support. Height to fixed.
  3. Set auto-layout frame constraint to “scaled” for vertical.

Since I used an entire auto-layout setup for the entire component with L+R indicator I needed to set the height and width to fill again for the parent containers.

Generally my request is solved although it feels a bit overly complicated.

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