JSON or Github access for Variables

Hi there, we’ve been using the Figma Studio plugin to build our design token systems. Its been really useful and provided a number of advanced features. However, with the native integration of variables in Figma we would like to make this switch. Is there a way to connect the variables up with Github or something similar? Or provide access to a JSON file to allow for synchronised variables with code?

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Hey Adriaan, I’m also searching for ways to connect the variables with Github and found this article gives good implementation!

I didn’t try it yet myself, but if there is someone having other approaches, would love to get more ideas!

Thank you Mia, I’ll have a look. My only concern is that we would need to upgrade to an Enterprise plan to access the API. Surely for this to become mainstream, it needs to be more accessible and included in the other plans – otherwise Variables without a JSON/Github link are just glorified styles.