Jira Integration - Can you not link Figma branches?

I’m very pleased with the recent updates to the Figma → Jira Integration.

However, I went to share some work with a teammate today, and she had problems finding my updates. After closer inspection, I realized that the wrong designs were linked to the Jira story. I messed up…

…or did I?

I went into Figma, copied the share link of the branch I had been working on, and ensured my permissions were set correctly.

I unlinked the previous design and then added the new design to the Jira story using my branch link. Only it didn’t display my branch at all.

– Here’s The Problem –

The Figma → Jira integration didn’t display my branch at all. It displays only the master design.

– Outcome of the Problem –
Therefore, any interested teammates or x-functional partners cannot easily access my designs from the Jira story.

I’ve tried to get this to work numerous times however it seems you cannot link your branch directly to the Jira integration. It will always show the master designs.

Has anyone else experienced this, am I doing something incorrectly?

Hey @Jason_Lockwood, thank you for flagging this!
I am not sure if this is a common issue and if there are any workaround for this. I’ve reached out internally to the teams and asked for advice. I’ll give you an update as soon as I get a response.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

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Hey @Jason_Lockwood, apologies for the delayed response!

Embeds do support branches, but the Figma for Jira app does not support embedding branches at this moment. The team is investigating this currently and working on a fix. I’ll give you an update once I get more information from the team.

Thank you!

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Hey @Jason_Lockwood, wanted to give you an update on this. The fix should be done in 1-2 weeks. Again appreciate your patience in the meantime!

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Amazing! Thanks for following up. It’s great that the team is fixing things so quickly, and that you are proactively following up on comms. I am truly delighted. Thank you! :pray:

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