It is possible to create multiple instances of accordions with different sections off of a component?

I am fairly new to Figma, I have been designing for about a year now.

I have a project that needs like 20 dropdown accordions and each accordion has different content requirement.

For instance, 1 needs 3 options, another needs 5, another needs 2, another needs 7 etc etc.

Whenever I remove elements from an instance the end result does not reflect in my prototype. It defaults back to the default interaction. For instance if I create an accordion with 10 options and remove the ones I don’t need then when I use the prototype, the ones I didn’t need still show up. I tried to solve this with slots, and it’s possible I did it wrong but that was unsuccessful as well.

I have probably spent 12-18 hours on research and testing in trying to solve this without creating 20 different components and prototyping them individually. Literally tried everything I can possibly think of and find online to try and solve this problem but I keep coming up empty handed.

Is this not possible or am I missing something here? Maybe a work around?
If this isn’t possible I can imagine how tremendously useful this would be!

I created a quick 2 min video showing you exactly what I mean:

Here is a picture as well:

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me navigate this!

For some reason, based on the amount of content I see on this forum. I thought this community and forum would be more helpful and welcoming. Either I am missing something, or it seems like StackOverflow is still the place to go for the best technical support.

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I’ve had this problem too. I’ve created an accordion component with slots. Then in the prototype, I swap out the slots with content. However, it keeps reverting back to just showing all the slots. A lot of effort gone to waste. Very, very frustrating.

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same here … /: