Issue Prototyping Overlay with Opening After Delay

I am designing for mobile and I have my button components set up as default and pressed. For one instance of my button component, I used it to open an overlay after a delay. Then I set the overlay to “Close when clicking outside.”

When the overlay closes, I want the screen to go back to what it was before with the button showing as pressed. The issue is that since the pressed button is set to open the overlay after a delay, when I exit the overlay it goes away and then pops up again.

How can I achieve the prototyping effect I am looking for?

Hi @Kasey_Milhomem_Roualdes, Thanks for reaching out about this.

I performed a test from my side, using a button with a variant interaction and added an “After Delay > Open Overlay” interaction while enabling the “Close when Clicking Outside” option.
During the test, I observed the same behavior where the overlay frame closed when clicked outside and then reopened.

Upon further internal exploration, I came across a bug that seems to match your case. I have included your case into the existing report.
Our engineering team is currently working on a solution for this issue. We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this matter.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a workaround for it yet, but our community is filled with knowledgeable designers who may have some suggestions. If anyone has a workaround, please share it with us!

Thanks again for your input and for your understanding.