Is there any way to set count for the number of triggers for a delay animation?

I am making an animation which will trigger after 2 seconds and won’t trigger again. I am using the ‘After Delay’ to do this but the problem is that it triggers every 2 seconds. How can I stop the animation after triggering once. Is there any way to set the number of counts that an animation should trigger. Also won’t this be a good feature to have

Can you provide a test file to look into?

Test file added

It is normal behaviour since you switch the Bubble components “Current” state back to “Normal” state after a delay. This triggers the intial delay based “change to” animation again.

If you want to just display the state and color change once you’ll need a third variant in the Bubble component (you can call it “Last” for example). This is basically a duplicate of the first state but without any animation. Switch the change to from “Current” to “Last” instead of “Normal”.

See test document:


This is so true. Why didn’t I ever think of that. Thanks a lot for the quick solution.

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No problem youre welcome :grin: