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Is there a way to track the hours spent working on a document within Figma?

I’m terrible at knowing how long I’ve worked on something, as I get lost in designing. It can be difficult to justify time spent if you’re as bad at this as I am. :frowning:

Many of my documents are weeks and months old. Is there a plug-in or some kind of history tracker I can use to retroactively quantify time moving pixels around, or is this a science fiction question?

Tell me I need an hours tracker program and keep records as I work. I’ll brace myself :cold_face:

There isn’t an hour tracker per se, but you can check the version history to get an overview/estimate as it does multiple save points while you’re working.

You can find version history on the top nav of your file, right by the name of the file.

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The history is absolute magic. I’ll have to upgrade :slight_smile: Would be nice to at least include the “Creation Date” but I’m not complaining! I’ll have to do a plug-in to calculate the number of pixels pushed. Am I the only one who imagines charging by the pixel? ;°)