Is there a way to tell if rulers are visible?


Is there a way to detect whether rulers are visible? I’m working on a plugin that adds guides and it’s confusing if the guides are added while the rulers are hidden, since it appears that nothing happens. I’d like to automatically turn the rulers on, but that doesn’t seem like an option at the moment.

Thanks for any input.

Hey Cameron, you can check if rulers are enabled on the canvas.

  1. Click on to open the main menu.
  2. Go to View > Rulers.

Hi @Gayani_S, I’m referring to using the API to detect/change the ruler visibility status. I’m working on a plugin that ideally needs to be able to toggle the visibility state, or at least check what it is.

Hi there,

Sorry, but the endpoint you need isn’t available. Thanks for the voting post though – it’s a big help for our product team to see how much interest there is. Your feedback’s going to be super useful for improving things down the line. Thanks!