Is there a way to keep components local to a page when duplicating?

tl;dr I’m looking for a way to duplicate a page that duplicates its main components as new main components instead of instances of the originals.

Ok here’s what I mean:

On Page 1 I create a few frames:

  • Card 1 (main component)
  • Header 1 (main component)
  • Frame 1 using Card 1 and Header 1 instances

Currently when I duplicate Page 1, Page 2 has the following frames:

  • Card 1 (instance)
  • Header 1 (instance)
  • Frame 1 using a Card 1 and Header 1 instances

What I would really love to do in this situation is duplicate the page and play with different iterations of the Card and Header components, with Frame 1 reacting accordingly. It would look like this:

  • Card 2 (main)
  • Header 2 (main)
  • Frame 2 using a Card 2 and Header 2 instances

Currently if I want to do that, the workflow would be:

  1. Detach Card 1 from main and make it a component Card 2
  2. Detach Header 1 from main and make it a component Header 2
  3. Swap all Card 1 instances in Frame 1 with Card 2 instances
  4. Swap all Header 1 instances in Frame 1 with Header 2 instances
  5. Iterate

Is anybody aware of either a better workaround or a plugin or setting that would enable this?

Thank you and forgive the complicated description.


I second your question. I have the same problem through iterations

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btw there is a workaroung. If you copy your page to a new figma file and then copy everything back to a new page, instances will be linked locally.


How do you copy the whole page to a new figma file?

They just mean copy + paste the contents of that page into a page in another file.

Thank you for this workaround! I use local/page components all the time and do what Dustin2 describes above each time I want to preserve a “snapshot” of a previous effort. “Duplicate file → copy/paste page contents from duplicate file back into original file” saves so much time. :pray: